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  1. Simple Product

    "Mini Fairy Wings" (or Dragon) Earrings - Customizable

    Small iridescent and transluscent fairy wings on hook earrings with small iridescent stars. Handcrafter in copper wire and resin with inclusions. Earrings with hooks : 4cm x 1,2cm. Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    "Iridescent Butterflies" pending Earrings - Customizable

    Composed of "iridescent butterflies" handcrafted in resin with inclusions and of little pending stars on hook earrings. Customizable : 12 butterfly patterns, 8 iridescent background colors, 2 hook / stars colors. Butterflies: 1,5cm x 2cm Earrings with hooks : 2cm x 4cm Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    "Classic Pixie" Earrings (Large Fairy (or Dragon) wings) - Customizable

    "Classic Pixie" are iridescent and translucent large fairy wings, handcrafted in aluminium and copper wire and resin with inclusions, accompanied with silver little stars. Colors and shape customizable. Earrings : 2.8 x 1cm. Learn More

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